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Shopper's Expressway and Crow's Nest Mall

This is a online shop products do not come from my home,.

Always open always clean.

All users

All users must have a valid working email. leagal name and a password

we don't care where your email is at  you just have to have one to contact you for specials, coupons,referrals and or problmes with your shop or the mall as things like this happens all the time

This is a drop shipper business that I run and I have my own shop and mall invested in it for networking and helping people build inexpensive businesess.

For $5.00 a month you can have YOUR own SHOP with back office and moduals. $8.99 is the cost a month for hosting your .com with us with what we use. For the hosting we set it up pay the fee and you can reemberse us  So that makes YOUR shop $13.00.

 Once you get your shop going and you want to be in the mall that fee is $25.00 a year. and just renew the hosting fee every year.


NO EXCUSES NO EXCEPTIONS    MY BUSINESS>  you will sign a email form contract for this

We will help you get in the search engines promote your shops, teach you ect. This is your shop and business you will take care of it You are the one that has to make it work. Drop shippers businesse's can make a lot of money with the right kind of help and support which we are willing to give you. I also have a programmre on site, my husband also tech support 30 yrs in the buisness.

 We can help you set up your own buisiness like this if that is what you want. I will decide on a price for that might be around $100.00

 You will earn credits with your referal links which will go for voucher points to be used in buying a product. or like for 25% off type things.

 I know how to promote I am in google big time with my photos seen on the products in my shops. So linking and backlinking and blogging will help you here.

  Any miss use of the shops nasty comments being distrespetful of other shops or people is not tollerated here. Treat others in a business manner. They are here to make money also

  You will get warnings and if it keeps happening you will be kicked out. NO refund on payments it all gets canceled.

  We will have a skype shopper's room so we can help there and get to know each other in a meet and greet style setting and be glad to asnwer questions.

  We will be promoted on facebook, linkedin,pinterest has already started I have Crow's Nest Mall in there with photos.

   We will use blogging and other social networks and tools to help promote.

    Treating the ADMIN BAD also gets you kicked out. NO EXCUSES NO REFUNDS I don't and won't put up with everybody's garbage.

   This is a business MY BUSINESS my network I want you to be apart of it and have a work at home working business through the right kind of people.



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